Choosing the best leggings that complement your figure

The combination of comfort and style have made leggings a popular fashion statement over the past few decades. There are many different ways to wear them, so they are a very versatile item that you can easily mix and match outfits with. Whether you wear them under dresses and skirts or with tunics, you can find a style that matches you. One decision you have to make when buying leggings is what length to get, including ankle-length and Capri length leggings. Check out theĀ olive green womens leggings.

If you are unsure what length to get, then consider the following factors in choosing the best leggings that complement your figure.


As one of the most popular lengths, ankle-length leggings fall all the way down to the ankles, as their name implies. This type of leggings work very well as a substitution for pants or when you want to wear boots. However, ankle-length leggings do not always flatter every body type. As long as they are paired with the right shoes, such as high-heels, most women will find ankle-length leggings to flatter their shape, unlike Capri length leggings.


Capri Length Leggings

Capri length leggings are not as versatile as the full-length leggings. These can be worn during the summer and spring months when it is warmer.

Knee-length Leggings

Knee-length leggings are similar to and not as popular as Capri-length leggings. Where capris fall about midway through the calf area, knee-length leggings will fall a few inches higher, ending right below the knee. These also have the potential to cut your body in half, making shorter women look even shorter. However, they work very well to go under knee-length dresses when you want a little extra warmth or plan to be active in your dress and do not want to worry about revealing your underwear.

Stirrup-Length Leggings

hdhd74The fourth main type of legging style is stirrup-length. These are not as popular as they were back in the 80s, but you can still find them. These go all the way to the foot and have a stirrup that goes around the foot. These can be used similar to ankle-length leggings. They work very well when you wish to wear boots over your leggings. They also act as a warmer version of tights while not covering your whole foot, which could be great if you are wearing peep toe shoes.